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Now some of you may think this section on Martial Arts Supplies is solely about where to get the best deals on Gi's, gloves, weapons and all the other "equipment" associated with the study of Martial's not!

Although these items are an essential part of our training, particularly from a safety point of view this Martial Arts Supplies section of the site will cover the wider aspect of supplies which many of today's Martial Artists do not consider that important.

I am talking about things like supplements to keep us in top condition, both physically and mentally. these should be totally natural and NOT performance enhancing drugs or steroids which will invariably have side effects later in life (I don't know about you but I'm in Martial Arts for the long haul, I don't want to have to retire because of Liver damage as a result of taking drugs for a short term boost). Vitamin and mineral supplements, like , this has a page dedicated to it's benefits listed at the bottom of this page, natural oils to maintain mobility and flexibility and the way we take or cook our foods to get maximum effect from them. All these factors play a part in our well being and longevity as Martial Artists. There is more than meets the eye to martial arts supplies !

Obviously as we mentioned earlier the standard equipment is very important in maintaining our health and fitness as this ensures that when we do train we are using the right gear for the job at hand i.e. We would use the correct protective gear for sparring so as not to get injured and the correct gloves for hitting a bag to keep our hands injury free.

We will also be looking at Material to enhance our knowledge i.e. Books, Video's & DVD's etc.

The pages listed at the foot of this page will break down into more detail some of the areas discussed above and also suggest some of the better products (From Experience) and the places to get them at a good price.

Some of you out there may also consider other things as essential martial arts supplies, particularly to instructors. Things like methods of effectively marketing your clubs to expand your martial art. One of the best ways to do this is to build your own Website , I have found this to be very effective and if like me you have no website building experience you will find the site at the website link very easy to use and very cost effective with step by step guidance right the way through the process, full support and amazing software which is truly a breeze to use.

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