Martial Art Mats

Interlocking martial art mats - At the best price I've ever come across.

1 metre X 2 metre X 23 mm

Constructed from medium density closed cell polyethelene foam.

Colours:- Grey, Blue, Red, Green


Grey, £30.00 per mat

Colours, £32.00 per mat

All orders over £800 are delivered free within the U.K. (For all orders outside the U.K. please fill in the enquiry form below for more details on shipping etc.)

Please allow 28 days for delivery

Shown below are the actual martial art mats, which can also be used as general training mats, gym mats or tournament mats.

Feel free to visit as many websites as you can to check out other prople's prices.........

But don't forget to bookmark this page because I'll guarantee you won't find martial art mats any cheaper anywhere else.

How do I know ?

I spent about 50% more on mats about a month ago, before I managed to source these.

I was absolutely gutted, but at least I can pass on the savings to you, even if I missed out myself !

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