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Discover the Lost Secret Of Jujitsu... That the Japanese had guarded for centuries... Revealed in this long forgotten about text from the beginning of the last century! (Ju-Jitsu is the foundation of MMA success !)

Whether you're an absolute novice trying to decide which different styles will suit you best or a seasoned instructor looking for a good deal, we provide the information you need. We can provide high level instructors for seminars or tailor personal protection events for companies or their employees to enhance their safety during these turbulent times.

- Do your High kicks embarass you ?

Get the step by step solution in the flexibility section.

The Flexibility section is probably the most comprehensive guide to flexibility training, stretching and strength building available on the web. From getting faster high kicks to how to do the splits, And best of all it's all here for you to use right now.

If you're a student, whether you study Karate, JKD, Judo, Dim Mak, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do or Krav Maga or any other fighting art for that matter, you will value your fitness.

We hope you enjoy our training tips and drills which can not only help build your fitness but can be used from Aikido to Tae Kwon Do to give your classes some variety (Especially good for keeping kids interested)

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- How To Apply Dim Mak - Death Touch In Your Own Martial Art - diagrams and techniques

The Dim Mak or Death Touch section takes you through some of the meridians of the body and also shows some practical martial arts techniques in which they are used.

Applied Combat For The Street

Trevor Roberts & Paul Swift

Trevor Roberts is a greatly respected Martial Artist, reaching the Grade of 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu. Paul is an exponent of Mixed Martial Arts and has attained the Grade of 5th Dan in Karate Jitsu 4th Degree in Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu and 3rd Dan in Ju Jitsu.

Trevor has also practised what he preaches, working as a Door Supervisor for 35 years as well as plying his trade as a Bodyguard / Personal Protection Consultant, Debt Collector and Control & Restraint Instructor to 3 Police Forces.

In the words of Trevor - "If it doesn't work on the street, F**K IT OFF!"

This Series of techniques has been put together with those comments in mind.

If you want to learn some flowery Bullsh*t that looks good in the Dojo - Go and buy something else!

However if you want to learn some of the secrets that have kept Trevor alive for the last 35 years....

"Trevor's Style is probably the Ugliest form of Ju Jitsu you will ever see.... AND THE MOST EFFECTIVE!"

21 Deadly Street Combat Techniques, many of which use Dim Mak points to increase their effectiveness....

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