Martial art Web Design WARNING:

Do not purchase any martial art
(Or any other) web design services
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Martial Arts and web design - Chalk and cheese ?

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to see exactly how EASY and Inexpensive it really is to build your own website! ......

"They laughed when I said I was going to BUILD a website - But when they saw the result...."

web design & hosting

5 reasons everyone should build their own website

1. It puts your club / product / business / hobby in front of millions of people

2. It's low cost with a full 100% money back guarantee

3. It's so simple to do with a full step by step guide and NO programming at all, NO prior web design knowledge and NO web design or internet knowledge required

4. It will provide you with an extra stream of income, whether you build it for your club, your business or even your local Historical society

5. It means YOU get what YOU want published on the internet, in the exact format it was intended - YOU have full control.

To give you an idea of how this product can benefit ANYONE, here are some examples of how different businesses and individuals are currently using it.

o Online Auction Sellers

Encourage auction sellers to free themselves of eBay dependency.

The "Big 3" will do it --> #1) Own #2) Diversify #3) Build equity. Now auction sellers can build REAL businesses that THEY own. martial arts website design Auction Sellers

o Master the Word to Webmasters Small business people who "do it themselves" are the tip of the iceberg.

Webmasters reach the iceberg... those who want others to do the web design for them. Webmasters

o Affiliates

Finally, the promise of affiliate marketing is realized.

Publish a theme-based information-jammed content site. Monetize with the cream of affiliate programs, blend in additional AdSense and other revenues.


Build an affiliate site that WORKS. Diversify as you grow. Affiliate income

o Network Marketers

Network Marketing starts with recruiting/lead generation.

Generating leads is "made for the Net." But that's not the way matters have unfolded.

Why? Because everyone in the industry has tried to force offline methods, online. There's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate them to pull (i.e., they call you). Network Marketer

o Funnel TARGETED Traffic to Primary E-commerce/Corporate Site

Already have an online store? A sales site? Most SSBs who do are in supreme pain... no traffic. Remind them of their "no traffic" pain.

The best way is to suggest that your prospective customer visit...SBI... and take the "Get to the Point Test" -- it's a powerful demo of just how badly off their business is, traffic-wise, and how much better they could be doing.

Some SBI! clients have spent $30,000+ on their main e-com sites.

But their major source of traffic comes from their $300 SBI!. Buid traffic to existing sites

o For The Aspiring Netrepreneur...

InfoPublishing Build an online business based upon what you know (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times).

If you know your subject matter, and if you're motivated to build a REAL business with growing, diversified revenues... Info publishing

As you can probably tell, I believe in this product, as it's more than just web design.

After all it has allowed me to realise a dream I had of building a website that would benefit all martial artists around the world.

I would like to see YOU benefit from it also.

martial arts website design

My Story

The story of my internet learning curve is highlighted below, I wish someone had told me about this product 5 years ago.

Click on the link below NOW - You've got nothing to lose. martial arts website building

Site build it, the web design experts

Here's my own story, just to give you martial artists, and anyone else for that matter who is thinking that they would love to have a website out there a glimmer of hope if like me you always wanted your club / style / association / store, or anything else for that matter to appear on the internet.

If like me you have no web design experience, don't know anything about HTML, Javascript or any of those other confusing techie type words you probably think in order to get some web presence you will have to pay someone a hell of a lot of money to design your site, promote your site and host your site. YOU DON'T !

About four years ago a friend offered to build a website for my club, I willingly accepted.

It took him about 6 months in his spare time to put together a four page site which was less than pleasing to the eye, (But web design was only a hobby for him).

I waited for the traffic to come and the e-mails to arrive but it never happened.

About six months later I decided that it was time to get a professional in to do the job, so I did.

I paid a web design company and a promotion company over £600.00 ($900.00) to put together a quite professional looking five page site, but in the following 12 months I didn't get one e-mail from it let alone any enquiries for my classes.

What I hadn't realised was that even though my site was up there on the web it wasn't guaranteed that anyone would ever find it amongst the billions of other sites out there.

Eventually my domain name expired and that was a total waste of £600 and I was back to square one and completely disillusioned with the whole internet thing.

It was then that completely by chance the package that I used to build this site was recommended to me.

I thought when reading through the claims on their website that it was too good to be true and I must have to become a web design guru to use the tools, NOT TRUE, you're reading the proof now.

The package takes you step by step through what you need to do, it has tools to research the best keywords in order to get guaranteed traffic (My traffic has been quadrupling on a monthly basis), it also provides guidance to help you put your pages together to be more pleasing to your human visitors and the search engines.

You get domain name registration and hosting and software to send out your own newsletter.

All these tools were all well and good but how easy to use would they be ? After all I could barely find my way round Word, Excel and powerpoint.

That was for me the best thing about the whole package. It was an absolute snap to use because the step by step guide takes you right through everything at a really simple level.

I started to read the guide and do some of the up front research in December 2002, by the end of January 2003 I was ready to start building and by the end of February I had a 36 page site up and running with traffic building by the day.

This was done in my spare time as I also have a day job and run a martial art club and association in my spare time.

To get this size and quality of site with the tracking tools that you also get, from a "Professional" web design company would have probably cost me around £10,000 ($15,000).

So what has it cost me? Up to now it has cost me around £200 ($300), but more importantly it was fun to do and I did it myself !

It doesn't have to be used for martial arts, you can build a site about absolutely any subject (That would be even better cos you wouldn't be in competition with this site then for the rankings !)

so if you want to know more just click on the link to get all the info on all their products.

Just as a little sidebar, I enjoyed building this site so much; I built another one, unrelated but again, about one of my passions Lean Manufacturing and business improvements

Have fun,

Paul Swift.

p.s. If you have any questions about this site, martial arts or anything else please feel free to call me on +44 (0) 7843 577771