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This fitness training section is dedicated to a little more than just fitness training. In the pages listed at the bottom of this page and in the links contained within the text of this page you have at your fingertips a wealth of resource, not only for your own fitness but for the development of your Martial Art classes with a full page dedicated to different training drills to add variety to your training sessions (Especially for kids).

Another great site dedicated to Ab workouts is: Grab your FREE Unbelievable Abdominal Ball Workout NOW! Good abdominal strength is necessary for most daily functions & activities. A comfortable & convenient way to get the ab strength you need is by using an exercise ball.

There are also pages looking at how to take your art onto the street effectively with no nonsense applications and recommendations for turning your Dojo based martial art into a truly effective means of defence. For those of you who didn't know, there is a hell of a difference between practising a martial art in a dojo and actually using it to defend yourself on the street. What do you do when the fear kicks in and the adrenalin begins to take control, stopping you thinking straight and moving how you want to?

One way to master these types of emotion is to train with some reality, to drill and drill until the responses become second nature, a natural response instead of something you have to think about doing. Train to use whatever you have handy as a weapon, use dirty tricks, basically in a real life situation all your dojo etiquette goes out the window and a "Whatever it takes" attitude needs to kick in to not only preserve your valuable life but also those who are dear to you. To get this knowledge read Martial Arts Mastery

To get the best from yourself in your fitness training, sometimes the best way is to enrol the help of the professionals.

These guys can give you a personalised fitness plan tailored to your individual needs and sport / art.

It's like having your own personal trainer online, with you 24/7 whenever you need motivation or support or just a few tips on the best exercises to get your Maewashi geri up above head height. All the tools you would need are here on this site also, like a body fat calculator, waist to hip ratio calculator, carb counter etc. fitness training made easy.

You may also want to do the sensible thing and balance all that fitness training with a healthy lifestyle tailored diet to ensure you are really getting the true benefits from all the training you are doing.

As the old cliche goes: We are what we eat!

But seriously, you can train and train as hard and as long as you like but if you aren't feeding your "Engine" the correct fuel, it ain't gonna perform like a V12 Turbo!

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