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Dim Mak Point Location, demonstrated on downloadable video. The packages shown below will compliment ANY Martial Art including Mixed Martial Arts. Think back 15 years when UFC started, groundfighting was the thing everyone was learning to get an advantage in MMA.

The next step to get your advantage is the use of nerve points, often known as Dim Mak or Death Touch points. This gives quicker submissions and more devastating knockouts.

Death Touch Fighting

Death Touch Secrets

Dim Mak Secrets

Applied Combat For The Street

Trevor Roberts (8th Dan) & Paul Swift (5th Dan)

Trevor Roberts is a greatly respected Martial Artist, reaching the Grade of 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu.

Trevor has also practised what he preaches, working as a Door Supervisor for 35 years as well as plying his trade as a Bodyguard / Personal Protection Consultant, Debt Collector and Control & Restraint Instructor to 3 Police Forces.

In the words of Trevor - "If it doesn't work on the street, F**K IT OFF!"

This Series of techniques has been put together with those comments in mind.

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- Billy Doakes

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Death Touch Secrets - Available For A Limited Period Only!

"How To Supercharge Your Martial Art Using The Secrets Of 'Death Touch' .....

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Death Touch Secrets De-Mystified, We Have Stripped Away All The Mystical Terminology, Discarded The Complex Points Which Need 5 Set Up Points And 10 Years Practise In Order To Hit Them In Exactly The Correct Direction.....

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"Death Touch Secrets"

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I am, with your permission, going to show you some of the most deadly striking points known to man. But First, A Warning:

The Striking points and methods contained on the video clips and diagrams in the following package are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and often DEADLY.

They are offered here for educational purposes and must be used in LIFE OR DEATH situations ONLY!

These Death Touch Secretspoints are only taught to my most senior students, Do not play with this knowledge, Do not try these points out on your friends - YOU MAY KILL THEM!

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Dim Mak, or Death Touch uses the acupuncture points to strike an opponent. There are many hundreds of these points all over the body, however many of the points are in inaccessible areas during normal combat, or may require set up points to be struck in a particular sequence in order to get the desired result.

Some even require extreme accuracy or the use of internal energy to cause any more than surface damage to the area.

Only a handful of Death Touch Points require NO Set Up strike, are accessible in a REAL combat situation AND REQUIRE NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE INTERNAL ARTS!

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This is the criteria we set when putting together the 'Death Touch Secrets' package. (Dynamic Video Enabled E-Book Manual)

What will this package do for YOU ?

  • Shows You Single Strike KO Points!

  • Makes YOUR Martial Art More Effective!

  • Shows How To Strike the Dim Mak points!

  • Explains What Damage will be caused!

  • Demonstrates What To Strike The Points With, and in what direction!

  • Detailed Video Clips Show You Techniques in which to incorporate the points!

What Do You Get?.....

  • Over 20 Dim Mak Death Touch Striking Points that will work for anyone with any level of ability - No Set Up Points Required!

  • Video Clip Showing EXACTLY how to strike each point

  • Diagrams showing location of every point

  • Written Description of every point, including damage caused, location, how to strike, what to strike with

  • Video Clips of 'Wipeout techniques' many of the Death Touch Points can be used with

  • Over 30 Video Clips

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Bonus E Books: - Dim Mak Point Location

How to Use Tai Chi as a fighting art

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“Discover The Lost Secret of Jujitsu !......

American Infantry Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith - One of the first 'Westerners' to be awarded a Black Belt in Japan in 1916 reveals the Jujitsu secret of the 'Stahara'

“Captain Smith wrote this series of seven books comprising of over 60 individual lessons during his time as hand to hand combat instructor at The Infantry School, Camp Benning, Georgia 1917-1918..... Revealing the secret the Japanese had guarded for centuries!”

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The Lost Secret Of Jujitsu

"An old Japanese master, told me once when I was very much discouraged at the progress I was making, that Hyaku ii-yasushi Ichi ii-gatashi. Which, being interpreted, means: The hundred tricks are easy to learn But the one principle is difficult to learn. On asking him to be kind enough to impart this one principle to me, he informed me that that could only be acquired after years of practice. This elusive principle, which the Japanese professors make you search out for yourself, this course imparts from the start by means of Stahara training."

You can see some more extracts from this and some of the BONUS E-Books at the bottom of this page

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· An introductory course showing: That the secret of jujitsu is in the Stahara. How to use the Stahara. How to train the Stahara. (22 photos.)

· Defense when a man attacks your throat. After mastering this lesson, the weakest woman will be safe from such an attack. (17 photos.)

· Defense when attacked by knife, club, pistol, kicks, etc. This lesson teaches you quick thinking and gives you presence of mind in an emergency. (44 photos.)

· Taking prisoners, hammerlocks, and a number of tricks whereby the weaker man can get the stronger.

· Three of the secret grips of Japan never yet published in any book, Japanese or otherwise.

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· Dim Mak (Death Touch) point Locations (E-book) - Many Dim Mak points described in detail, including how to strike and with what!

· Knife Throwing Techniques of The Ninja (E-book)- A knife is the first weapon given to a Ninja. He or she learns Tanto-jitsu, knife art. As well as becoming an expert in hand-to-hand combat, a Ninja learns to throw knives, as well as many other objects. But some knives are designed specifically for throwing....


The Text Book Of Close Combat (E-book) - The techniques described and illustrated in this text book have been used in general warfare by Western states from the early 1900's onwards. These armies have always used close combat training programs for two main reasons; First, close combat training promotes fighting spirit and ruthless efficiency. Second, close combat training programs are the solid foundations for self confidence on the battle field.

· Hagakure: The Book Of The Samurai (E-book) - Although it stands to reason that a samurai should be mindful of the Way of the Samurai, it would seem that we are all negligent. Consequently, if someone were to ask, "What is the true meaning of the Way of the Samurai?" the person who would be able to answer promptly is rare. This is because it has not been established in one's mind beforehand. From this, one's unmindfulness of the Way can be known.

· How To Use Tai Chi As A Fighting Art (E-book) - It gives me great pleasure to write the foreword for Erle Montaigue’s book "HOW TO USE T’AI CHI (as a fighting art)". This book should be of great interest to both t’ai chi practitioners and non-T’ai chi practitioners alike. A book on T’ai Chi as a "fighting art" is long overdue. There are many people who still recognize and consider T’ai Chi as only a health exercise. I feel that this book will be very informative to the martial arts community and a must for everyone’s martial arts library. BY DAN INOSANTO

· Secret Guide To Making Ninja Weapons #1, #2, #3 (E-books) - Do it yourself guide to making your own Ninja weapons, including templates and step by step instructions

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If you learned all the dim mak or death touch vital points on all the meridians on the body, would this make you an expert martial artist? If you studied all the dim mak diagrams and locations of all the vital points, would you be unbeatable ?

No, these dim mak points are of no use to you in a martial sense until you have learned how to fight.

In the body there are 12 main Dim Mak meridians and 8 extra meridians, we have featured examples of some of them here.

Dim Mak diagram stomach

Above is a diagram of some of the dim mak or death touch points on the Stomach meridian.

Dim Mak meridian Liver

And here are some of the death touch points from the Liver meridian.

Both the stomach and liver meridians are among the 12 main meridians of the body.

Below is a diagram of some of the dim mak points on the conceptor vessel meridian, which is one of the 8 extra meridians.

Dim Mak extra meridian

And here, on this dim mak diagram are some of the main points of the governor vessel which again is one of the 8 extra meridians.

On the techniques page which follows at the foot of this page we will show some applications of these points.

Dim Mak GV

These examples are from a book by the renowned Erle Montaigue, an expert practioner of Dim Mak or death touch and the internal arts.

He has many books and videos available and I would recommend his work highly.

Check it out.

Dim Mak Techniques
Dim Mak Gallbladder Meridian Click on the link below to buy the awesome, Ultimate Martial Arts Package for just $17.00