Some very effective techniques:

Once you have the tabletop or hammer lock on your attacker the effect is compounded by either a strike or simply pressure to Governor vessel 26 (Just beneath the nose)

After deflecting your attackers punch using an inside cross block (You would strike a set up point in the arm with this block), return the blocking knife edge of the hand into Stomach 9 (Carotid sinus) as you do this bring the knee up into Conceptor vessel 12 and finally strike with an empi into Governor vessel 15. He shouldn't give you any more problems !

After turning from a grab or strangle, return a well aimed empi into Small intestine 17 (At the hinge of the lower jaw) This will give you an instant KO.

Basic body mechanics at work here. The wrists just aren't supposed to bend in certain directions !

Hope you enjoyed the techniques shown here.

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