Ever wanted to be a bodyguard ?

We have actually found a bona fide Bodyguard college.

Here are the details should any of you guys out there seriously want to become a professional in this field.

This is the only official bodyguard college that I personally have found, anywhere in the world.


General Background about the College Activities.

1) The Israeli College for Security and Investigation was established to provide proper professional training to persons involved in security roles and in the various sectors of the economy, whether in the governmental/public/ sectors or in the privet commercial and industrial sectors.

The goal of the college is to qualify and deepen the professional knowledge of people engaged in investigatory or intelligence work.

2) The college's team began it's activities about 16 years ago due to the need to provide proper professional education and training to those involved in security and investigations.

Today the graduates of these courses fill key roles in the field of security and investigation in high risk and other institutions in Israel and abroad.

3) The College for Security offers studies in four major faculties:

- The Faculty for Physical Security which trains security officers and senior security systems managers for the levels of the management and command required for cooperate security systems.

- The Faculty for Investigations which deals in the training and the provision of professional knowledge in the fields of private investigation and other subjects related to the gathering of intelligence, surveillance operations , professional make-up, etc.

- The Faculty for Training Security Officers which offers practical and operational training of security officers, bodyguards, operational drivers, shooting-range inspectors, self-defense instructors and counter-terrorism professionals.

- The Faculty for the Protection of Information and Information technologies (IT) which offers studies in the subject of the protection of computerized databases, data and records for classified information and the prevention of commercial and industrial espionage.

4) The College is offering a large variety of unique learning programs, which combine theoretic studies with practical training. The studies are involving frontal lectures with exercises and simulations, professional tours at security sites, bilateral exercises, field exercises, etc.

In the didactic aspects much use is made of a variety of illustrational means such as slides, professional films, vocational literature, etc.

In addition, the students may avail themselves of a professional library, which is at their disposal throughout their studies and their written submissions.

The College is offering a large variety of unique learning programs, which combine theoretic studies with practical.

5) The instructional team at the College includes over 250 academic lecturers who are veterans of the various security units in Israel and who have rich field experience which enables them to impart skills that have been accumulated over many years of professional operational activity against terror and crime.

6) The College has earned the full recognition of the Israeli Ministry of Education as a certified college under its supervision.

The learning programs of the various courses at the College have been strictly scrutinized by the governmental agencies relating to security in Israel. The various courses have been recognized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Police Force for the purpose of complimentary courses as well as by the complimentary course fund of education workers of the Ministry of Education for teachers in their sabbatical year.

7) The College has earned the international recognition of the International Organization for Security and Bodyguards and has been officially announced as an international school of the Organization. The graduates of the various faculties may receive an international diploma in addition to their diploma from the College.

The students in the various c faculties are eligible for a student's certificate of the Students' Organization.

Tel : (972) 547803980 Fax : (972) 48247163

Address: Hanita 60/70 Haifa Israel

bodyguard college in Israel
bodyguard college in Israel
bodyguard college in Israel

Bodyguard training,

A few people have told me NOT to offer this on this website, but one of the conditions of me receiving this information is that I pass it on to as many serious Martial Artists as possible. What better way than to offer it here for free for all serious Martial Artists to read.

Consider it my gift to you.

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Moving Someone Through a Crowd:

Practical Exercises for Martial Artists by Keith Pascal

~ Bodyguard Training ~ 2

Apologies to the Bodyguards of the World Are the following exercises practical? Yes, definitely. Was this book written by a professional martial artist? Yes, to that question too. And are these real bodyguard training exercises? Weeeeeell.... Not quite. I tried. I have had some contact with professional bodyguards. And I am a martial artist. So, I set out to write a report for martial artists on one aspect of bodyguarding. When I fininshed, I sent it out for review to a variety of martial artists. All the pure martial artists thought it was great. And a man who runs a professional bodyguard service in Hawaii also wrote in with his approval...


You are in charge of caring for someone. If you have a choice, you want to move in what is called off-peak time. You want to move your charge when nobody is around. Often, this involves being patient. You wait until everyone is gone. Then you move. Note: Of course, the disadvantage is that you don’t have any cover. You may have to move out in the open. You will need to weigh the two choices. Maybe a compromise — move when the crowd has thinned, but folks are still around. Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of moving your client, when it’s convenient. On occasion, you will have to move him/her through crowds. So, how do you train for this?

I have three exercises for you to try in this e-booklet. One is an awareness exercise to learn to move efficiently through a crowd. The second exercise deals with threats from behind. And the last exercise answers the question, “What do I do, if someone from the crowd starts to grab for my client?” No, this e-book won’t instantly turn you into a killer bodyguard. It is not a complete training manual. You need proper martial arts training, more specific bodyguard training, and you need to know the law.

Neither Kerwin Benson Publishing, the author, nor anyone associated with the production, promotion, or distribution of this book will be held liable for the information provided. Each circumstance you may encounter is different. Professionals need to use their expert judgement to make instant decisions. Do what it takes to become professionally trained. Still, these are very valuable exercises. They should be carefully considered before discarding them.

Exercise #1

Finding a Wave in the Crowd If you are going to move your charge successfully through a crowd, you need every advantage that you can get. You need a little breather room.

Most people are content to move a few inches at a time, with their bodies almost pressed up against the members of the “herd” in front of them. Occasionally, my wife and I exhibit herd instincts too, but not usually.... We find the little pockets of space in the crowd. We look ahead; we plan a little. We scope out those spaces in front of us. Then, by adjusting our speed, and constantly tweaking our angle of movement forward, we are able to ride these “waves.”

Our little pocket of space eventually peters out, but not before we find the next pocket to jump into. This way, we move quickly and efficiently, and nobody touches us, and we don’t bump into anyone else. Boy do we “cook” — we really get moving. And guess what? It doesn’t tick anyone off, because we don’t bump into anybody.

Very cool.... The article then relates this wave back to dealing with a single opponent. It gives you a practical application for this in a fight situation. So, let’s break this exercise into stages. In Stage One, you practice moving on your own through a crowd.

Find a crowded place, like the examples in the article, or maybe in an inbetween- class school atmosphere,a crowded shopping mall, or a flea market. Now, learn how to find those pockets. Get really good at moving. Not as though you were in a hurry. You want to move confidently, yet quickly through the crowd. One of the main goals is to move quickly without drawing undue attention from folks in the crowd. Move too quickly, and everyone will notice you...

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