Diet, You are what you eat

Your diet should be as important to you as your training regime. With the wrong diet you could be losing a massive percentage of your effectiveness.

Whether you want to change your diet to lose weight or simply to increase your fitness, the easiest way to do it is with an e-diet The tools and resources you need to stay healthy today and everyday!

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Today's Tip:

All carbohydrates are not created equal! Complex carbohydrates are “whole” foods; they are your body’s primary energy source! Enjoy whole grains, whole grain breads and cereals, whole pieces of fruits and vegetables.

Fitness Tip:

To break an exercise plateau, try interval training on the cardio machines. Most machines have some type of preset interval program that intersperses periods of intensity with periods of recovery. The program may be called fat burner or weight loss. They may change speed, grade, or resistance level. Be sure to stay within your heart rate.

Take a look to see how much stress you currently have in your life. The following table was adapted from the "Social Readjustment Rating Scale" by Thomas Holmes & Richard Rahe, 1967. Mark each situation as it has occurred in your life within the past 12 months and total up the points.

1. Death of spouse 100

2. Divorce 60

3. Menopause 60

4. Separation from living partner 60

5. Jail term or probation 60

6. Death of close family member other than spouse 60

7. Serious personal illness or injury 45

8. Marriage or establishing life partnership 45

9. Fired at work 45

10. Marital or relationship reconciliation 40

11. Retirement 40

12. Change in health of immediate family member 40

13. Work more than 40 hours per week 35

14. Pregnancy or causing pregnancy 35

15. Sex difficulties 35

16. Gain of new family member 35

17. Business of work role change 35

18. Change in financial state 35

19. Death of close friend (not family member) 30

20. Change in number of arguments with spouse or life partner 30

21. Mortgage or loan for a major purpose 25

22. Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 25

23. Sleep less than 8 hours per night 25

24. Change in responsibilities at work 25

25. Trouble with in-laws, or with children 25

26. Outstanding personal achievement 25

27. Spouse begins or stops work 20

28. Begin or end school 20

29. Change in living conditions (visitors, roommates, remodeling) 20

30. Change in personal habits (diet, exercise, smoking) 20

31. Chronic allergies 20

32. Trouble with boss 20

33. Change in work hours or conditions 15

34. Moving to a new residence 15

35. Presently in pre-menstrual period 15

36. Change in schools 15

37. Change in religious activities 15

38. Change in social activities (more or less than before) 15

39. Minor financial loan 10

40. Change in frequency of family get-togethers 10

41. Vacation 10

42. Presently in winter holiday season 10

43. Minor violation of the law 05





If you scored in this range you are likely to be suffering very little stress. Your chance of suffering illness or crises is small.


If you scored in this range, it is an indication that you are experiencing MILD stress with possibility of crisis or illness being fairly low…about 33%.


Scores in this range indicate a MODERATE stress situation. This could result in a greater possibility of accident, illness, or some other crisis…about 50%.

300 or more

Those scoring in this range are experiencing high levels of stress and therefore run a much higher risk of crisis or illness. This is considered a major risk area, about 80% chance of experiencing some problems.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This scale is not a foolproof way to rate stress, in that people differ greatly in the manner in which they react to stressful events. At best, this is a rough index of stress, and does not take into account how one copes with stress. Although, if you have a score above 300, an adjustment in your lifestyle may be needed.

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