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Martial arts equipment, Training gear, Karate suits, martial art weapons, sparring gear, it's all here.

For all your training suit needs we can offer you a new service: Any colour combination of suit you require (Black / Gold, Blue / White etc.) in a V neck style, hard wearing poly cotton (See the clubs section at the bottom of the Association page for some examples of different colour combinations)

Custom Made for your club - Really stand out at competitions, seminars etc. and ideal for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing etc.

These suits are custom made to your design. Please e-mail using the link below for pricing enquiries (Min order 5 suits) These suits are made to the highest standard in the UK.

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For top quality Kamikaze and Adidas gear and other martial arts equipment, karate gear etc. like



Fist Gear

Chest Guard

Shin Guards

Striking Pads

Mouth Guards

Groin Protectors


Competition Accessories

Top quality uniforms made by Kamikaze:

Arawaza Emerald Arawaza Amber Arawaza Sapphire Arawaza Topaz Arawaza Coral Arawaza Onyx


Belts Fist Gear Chest Guard Shin Guards Head Guards Striking Pads Groin Protectors Clothing

As well as video's,

Original JKA Kata Series:Vol.1-11 (Masatoshi Nakayama - Shotokan)

• The Kawasoe Way - Vol.1-4 (Kawasoe - Shotokan)

• Goju Ryu Karate Kata (Morio Higaonna - Goju Ryu)

• Power Training (Morio Higaonna - Goju Ryu)

• Goju Ryu Technical Series Part 1-6 (Morio Higaonna - Goju Ryu)

• Martial Arts TV (Higaonna, Ota, Demura,etc.. - Different Styles)

Plus much, much more.

Another excellent supplier in the US market is All Black Belt Supplies for martial arts equipment
Martial Arts Supplies and martial arts equipment from every martial arts supplies manufacturer at discount prices, Guaranteed lowest prices on martial arts equipment from Century, Nike, TEKNO, Macho, RheeMax, Adidas and all other martial arts supplies manufacturers!

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For all you martial artists over here in the UK, here are some recommendations for good martial arts equipment suppliers who are local.

Martial Art Shop Here are some of their martial arts equipment ranges:

Judo Uniforms

Karate Uniforms

Taekwondo Uniforms

Kick & Thai Boxing

Full & Semi Contact

Jujitsu Uniforms

Hapkido Uniforms

Ninja Uniforms

Kung Fu Uniforms

Wushu & Tai Chi

Martial Arts Shoes

Childrens Uniforms

Childrens martial arts equipment


Head & Mouth Guards

Body & Groin Guards

Arm & Hand Guards

Leg & Foot Guards


Gloves & Mitts etc

Kick & Punch Bags

Balls, Pads & Targets



Equipment Bags

Exercise Equipment

Accessories & Gifts

Martial Arts Books

Videos & CDs


Wooden Weapons

Metal Weapons


Swords & Iaito

Another UK based martial arts equipment supplier that I use very often is martial art superstore

For your supplies of the best quality and CHEAPEST training mats in the UK.

I recently bought some training mats for a new class I am opening shortly and after scouring the web for the best deal, I found this company.

The owners name is Dave Hand (A real straight guy) and the company is called Peak Performance Mats