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As South Africa grapples with the question of how to protect innocent civilians, families and children from violent criminals who are willing to inflict harm or even kill in order to achieve their objectives, it becomes more and more impossible to ignore your need to take a personal responsibility for your own safety, and for that of your loved ones. 

If educating ourselves about Personal Protection was once an option, it is now a necessity, and for parents - a responsibility. 

Each day in South Africa, the crime clock continues to tick, with murder, rape and robbery increasing in violence, and invading our lives with bloody consequences.  

Its no longer a matter of 'if' you will be a victim of violence, but 'when'.

The Impact of Violence on your life:

Violent crimes in South Africa Period 2003-2004 (Approximate total for the year Period:  2003-2004) Approximate total daily

Murder (19700 people) 54 people

Robbery with aggravating circumstances [use of weapon] (133600 people) 366 people - increase of 57.6% from previous year

Rape (52500 people) 144 women - increase of 17.8% from previous year

Serious Assault - with/without weapon 265000 people 725 people daily

Home intrusion (299300 people) 820 daily - increase of 29.4% from previous year

*SAPS Website Shocking Stats? 

Wait until you see how effective our Criminal Justice System is functioning at present in South Africa: (Institute for Security Studies, 1998)

  • Crimes committed = 1000  [100%]

  • Crimes reported = 450  [45%]

  • Crimes solved = 230  [23%]

  • Perpetrators prosecuted = 100  [10%]

  • Convictions = 77  [7.7%]

  • Imprisoned = 36  [3.6%]

  • Sentenced to longer than 2 years = 8  [0.8%]

  • Rehabilitated = 1  [0.1%]

Furthermore, the South African Government receives 'immoral' income from our fear of crime, criminal activity, and every time a criminal act is committed.   How? Let's demonstrate with an example:

The security industry in SA is a billion Rand industry. For every (after-tax) cent, that fearful South Africans spend to protect themselves and their property, the SA Government collects 14% VAT. If one becomes a victim of crime, and spends money to repair the mental or physical damages, or replace lost goods, the Government collects VAT on every such transaction, i.e. when replacing a stolen vehicle at R300 000,00 the government receives a whopping R42 000,00 in VAT, and that after you have paid VAT on your initial purchase!

 If you die as a result of crime, the Government collects "blood-money" in the form of Estate Duties and Death Taxes from your estate, after the very same Government has failed to protect your "right to life", as specified in our Constitution. It would be interesting to find out what was the Government's "income" as the direct result of murders since 1994? 

The fact remains...If there are any constants in life, it's that you and your loved ones only get one chance at life, and therefore need to take personal responsibility.  Think for a moment, what if you are the next victim of a violent crime.

A lot of people depend on Armed Response or the Police to come to the rescue - WRONG, might be DEADWRONG!  The problem is that they only show up AFTER the attack took place, which is unfortunately too bloody late.

With violent crimes literally skyrocketing, envision yourself being able to learn a simple and effective Personal Protection strategy, proven tactics and real-life applicable concepts you can use in order to avoid, defuse, escape, or fight your way out of any type of attack in order to stay safe and ALIVE!

"Do you know how to avoid being a victim of violent crime? 

You know how to effectively de-escalate an 'in-your face', 400 pound punk outside the local club?  Let me guess, you can handle a carjacker whilst a gun is being forcefully pushed in your face? 

Your wife, mother and daughters know how to safely avoid rape, and what to do when they are being gang-banged by 4 men, right???

You know what to do, when you accidentally cutted the guy in the lane next to your way to work, and he jumps out with a baseball or knife at the next robot? If not, read further.

"Wake up people, this is no longer a game! 

We are facing turbulent times and live in a country of uncertainty, where the concern for Personal Safety and Protection has reached an unprecedented high. IT'S YOUR FUTURE.  BE THERE...

Personal Protection Academy - WHAT we do and how we can help you...

Personal Protection Academy [PPA] is one of South Africa's leading consulting- and training groups for Protective and Combative tactics for ordinary citizens [men, women and children of all ages], corporations and law enforcement. 

Our purpose is to help people protect themselves and their loved ones, and if really needed, survive a violent attack.  Our primary directive is enhancing your survivability in the face of violence.  Period. 

Our initiatives are designed specifically to provide the most efficient [doing the right things, right] and effective [minimum input, maximum output] methods possible, to avoid, verbally and psychologically defuse, confront, escape and neutralize both armed and unarmed attackers. 

PPA provides you with the skills and intelligence you need to survive in today's violent times in a user-friendly format, tailored for ordinary people of all ages and sex. 

As the reality-based self-defence company that took South Africa by storm, we have the knowledge and expertise that comes from continually proving our concepts.

You will benefit from our realistic approach and extensive coverage of violence, personal safety and security, in physical, mental and spiritual components. Powerful violence management tools are acquired, helping you to deal with any type of violent confrontation, and return home safely to see another day.  

We specialise in all types of attacks, including murder, robbery, any women's worst nightmare - rape, domestic violence, stalking and sexual harassment; carjacking, road-rage, ATM attacks, multiple attackers and much more.

The PPA System, Concepts, and Components The foundation of our system is based on a culmination of analytic research spanning over a number of years in total, including experimentation, and real-life application. 

The aforementioned is embedded in three dimensions to surviving and staying alive, including a physical [body tools, targets and tactics], psychological [emotional warfare] and spiritual [the survivor and warrior spirit] component.  The components are assembled through the integration of various combat disciplines, is simple and direct, and recallable even years after actual training. 

A violent attack consist of 5 stages, and 3 distinctive phases, and PPA is the first in world with a Personal Protection Model tailored to suit your safety needs, based on each individual phase:

PPA's Personal Protection Model The focus is naturally on the pre-contact phase, since 'prevention is better than cure'.  You learn how to avoid violent attacks and de-escalate it. 

Next you learn how to successfully escape from a violent situation, and if needed, to really fight of attacker by tearing, ripping and shredding him to pieces by using our revolutionary 'CHAOT' concept, how to survive the whole nightmare and learn from it, empowering yourself, and filling the safety gaps to ensure it never, ever happen again!


1. PHYSICAL dimension: 

PPA's research into the startle/flinch phenomena, followed by the adrenaline dump and its link to the human survival system's withdrawal reflex has spawned one of the most important evolutions in close quarter combat training: the 'CHAOT', which utilizes:

Ø The speed and reliability of the startle/flinch mechanism coupled with adrenaline control;

Ø The on-guard position incorporating psychological warfare tactics,

Ø Movements, trapping, and the quarter-beat principle,

Ø Gross motor tools -kicking, striking, close quarter [clinch], and ground fighting range/tools,

Ø Improvised and other weapons, including the gun, knife and blunt weapons used in the street,

Ø Attacker targets and tactics 

Ø In conjunction with PPA's 5 foundational principles -To convert the attack into a tactical counter.

Most importantly, this system can be learned by anyone, and if you are trained in martial arts and/or other combative or disciplines, it will not interfere with your current training, and in fact it is most easily used as a bridge to any complex motor skill transition, taught in the traditional styles. From a 'tactics' perspective, PPA System is not based on a ''sport-model' [where balance, distance and tools are agreed upon].

The PPA System is based on a 'real violence model' that takes into account fear, reflexive flinches and emotions as mitigating influences during high stress, brutally aggressive confrontations with a drug-induced, highly motivated criminal, possibly armed attacker. 

The PPA System's methodology therefore capitalizes on this instinctual process and converts the energy and movement of these behaviourally-based reactions into tactical options, and beyond.  In short, our system incorporates psychological, emotional and bio-mechanic certainty's to form a synergistic, realistic, protective system for the ordinary individual, making it the' most comprehensive, easy-to-learn and real-life applicable', Personal Protection system in South Africa, if not, the world.

2. PHYSIOLOGICAL dimension:

PPA's concepts are derived from behaviourally rooted control processes, focusing on natural patterns of defences and human behaviour [flinch mechanism, adrenal stress and fear] under extremely stressful and aggressive conditions. 

From our research it's became clear that the neo-cortex, limbic system and reptilian brain usually run conflicting messages during real violent situations, especially when the person's tactics are based on purely 'theoretical' attacks and counters [with consent].

The PPA System's mechanics are based on both natural and PPA acquired skills and is non-perishable - once the student has completed the course, it (the CHAOT) will be there for them whether the individual has practiced or not.

While this may sound incredible, remember, on a psychomotor level, there is no longer any 'muscle-memory' interference with the body's instinctive responses to protect itself and survive.

3. SPIRITUAL dimension: 

With the spiritual component, no reference is made to any religion or 'way' but merely to the PPA concepts, which encompasses both the survivor and warrior 'mental attitude' in extremely stressful, aggressive situations.

Personal Protection Academy - WHO we are

Roan Theron - Head Instructor

Although PPA's syllabus is considered very dangerous, the training programs has been integrated by men, women and children, martial artists, security companies, and many others across South Africa. 

The founder, Roan Theron is considered one of South Africa's leading authorities and one of the most holistic instructor's on personal protection and hand-to-hand combat.  His research into surviving violent attacks was spurred when he was appointed as the unarmed combat instructor for a well-know international close protection consultancy. 

His experience as instructor, years of martial arts training [including national and international competitions, including training] is backed by years of experience where he had to apply his skills while working as a close protection officer on high-risk contracts and venue security officer at some of South Africa's most notorious nightclubs.In 1997, the founder's first reality-based self-defence school opened in South Africa, and evolved into the Personal Protection Academy [PPA]. 

Since then, he has taught and continues to teach civilians of all ages, law enforcement officers, bouncers, bodyguards, military personnel, security personnel, amateur and professional fighters, corporations, professional athletes, lawyers, men, women, and children. 

Besides the PPA, Roan is an avid consultant with both a BBA-and MBA -degree.Hester Williams - Assistant instructor:  Females and Children Hester joined PPA in 2002 as a fulltime, private-class student, after a violent attack 'bursted her safety bubble'. 

She excelled to instructors level where she started teaching women and children the art of 'being your own bodyguard'.  As the 'Dr. Ruthless' of the self-defence world, she is more than capable to look after the specialised safety needs of women and children.

Personal Protection Academy - Training packages customized to suit your lifestyle


An old Arab Proverb

Personal Protection Group training sessions: 

WHERE:  Erkuhuleni Metropolitan [East Rand]

WHEN:  Days: Currently on Tuesdays 18h30-19h30 and Saturdays from 9h00-9h45 

Syllabus A:

 Personal Protection 'Urban Survivor' 3 months course in the fundamentals of Personal Protection: [24 hours of training in total] Designed to enhance your overall survivability. 

You will learn the fundamentals of surviving a violent confrontation, footwork, mastering natural body weapons, escaping from chokes and holds, how to heighten your awareness and accurately read your intuition in order to avoid violence, aggression, and confrontation. 

You will learn how to avoid and de-escalate a potential aggressive or violent situation using psychological warfare and strategies.  You will also learn to physically defend yourself against most common attacks on the street if all other means fails.

'Urban Warrior' 3 months course in the intermediate tactics and strategies of Personal Protection: [24 hours of training in total]

The hand-to-hand combat program handling encroachment, engaging with rage, mastering the first strike principle, ground fighting basics, urban combat conditioning, equipment training for the street, mental programming designed to heighten your skills as a complete and holistic survivor.  Learn how to integrate all facets of fighting (kicking, punching, striking, grappling etc.) together in any range. 

 This program has been developed to be a highly scientific method of combat developed around a human being's natural patterns of reactions and movements including the basics of the 'CHAOT'.

'Urban Combatant' 3 months course in the advanced tactics and strategies of Personal Protection: [24 hours of training in total]

PPA's elite Urban Combatant squad is above and beyond the regular training regime.  This is where you get to put your skills, your heart, and your mind to the test. 

This is a 3-month extreme Personal Protection program.  You will learn the 'in's and out's' of the 'CHAOT', and how to apply it in any type of situation, as well as Basic Stick, Knife and Firearm fighting.

'Urban Legends' Continuous training and part of the PPA team innovating new PP concepts, including managing and growing PPA in South Africa.

Cost structure: Based on the number of training session per week:

Once a week = R150/person/month - Currently either on a Tuesday/Saturday morning

Twice a week = R250/person/month - Currently on a Tuesday evening and a Saturday morning - you save R50!

Three session a week = R300/person/month - Currently on a Tuesday evening and two sessions on a Saturday morning, covering both PP and Mixed Martial Arts* [MMA - see next paragraph].- You save R150!


Males and Females [16 years and older]

Syllabus B:

PPA's Mixed Martial Arts Program PPA's Mixed Martial Arts Program include amongst other, modified, amalgamated elements from Thai Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, 'Clinch Fighting' and components from Judo, Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu. 

Both the kicking, striking, close [clinching] and ground range has been modified for maximum street efficiency by shortening the movements and making them centreline oriented in order to minimize telegraphy.

All strikes are permitted anywhere on the body from head to toe including knees, elbows, backlists, sweeps and head butts, and other attacks seen as illegal by the majority of the martial arts community.

This of course using proper safety equipment [sparring gear, headgear, bodygear and other safety devices] but at the same time allowing fewer limitations within these ranges.

Sparring (fighting in training) is completely optional. We use the above ranges as tools for the development of the holistic fighter. To have a global understanding of hand-to-hand combat, self-defence, and in essence Personal Protection, it's imperative to be versatile in all ranges.

The ranges and other proper psychological preparation, offers many practical tools such as footwork, coordination, mobility, proximity sense, angles of attack, evasions, contact experience and much more.


It is our social responsibility to advise you of the following:

Most people confuse MMA and other martial arts styles with self-defence and the more with Personal Protection. Contrary to popular belief, MMA or any other martial arts is NOT a method of Personal Protection. It only contains certain aspects applicable to the contact phase, but do unfortunately not address the pre-contact or post contact phases. 

The majority of violent confrontations including rapes, street fights, muggings, attempted murders and aggravated assaults begin in the close quarter range [conversational range] and more often than not, may include weapon involvement; something most martial arts DO NOT address, and if they do, is based on static attacks, and quite ineffective in the real world, which could lead to your death.

For the most part, kicking and striking will be severely negated in most environments or circumstances such as elevators, icy surfaces, knee high snow, in bed, on the ground, multiple attackers, concealed weapons, in the dark, in the shower, etc.Most Martial Arts is but a sport. It is but 20 percent of self-defence and or Personal Protection on its own.

Most Martial Arts is a phenomenal source of exercise and physical conditioning. However, if you are concerned about your personal safety and real Personal Protection, then we strongly recommend the full program of Personal Protection and Hand to Hand Combat INCLUDING PPA's MMA program. PPA's KIDS-POWER MMA program

"I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way." - Whitney Houston









CREATE A COMPLETE CHILD!!! What else will they learn.?· Avoiding Kidnappings · Awareness and things to look out for · How to set personal Boundaries · Common tactics paedophiles use to be alone with your child · Answering the telephone and door · Stranger awareness · Abduction avoidance · Assault prevention · Bully prevention, · Unwanted touch prevention skills · Communication skills · What to do if they go missing · The 'CHAOT' for children · Safety TipsAnd much more.

WHEN:  Days: Currently on Saturdays from 9h45-10h30 

Cost structure:



Males and Females of all ages, including children [4 years and older]

Note:  For each and every member you introduce to PPA and the person joins, you receive a R50 discount on your monthly fee, thus, get 3-6 family members, friends or colleagues to join, and train for absolutely nothing!

How you get started:

Phone Roan now on 072 3255 833 to book your free introductory session.

After you have tried your FREE session, feel free to discuss any aspect of the class or your future training at PPA with one of the other more experienced students or Roan himself.

All you need to get started is a T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, and trainers [takkies] - we will supply all other equipment necessary for a night of fun filled, functional learning.

Remember our system has been designed for anyone, regardless of their age, male, female, fitness level, if they have trained in the martial arts before or not. Anyone can do it. If you decide to join us, we will do a free personal safety assessment before you start in order to determine you exact safety needs, your strengths, weaknesses and cater the training to your lifestyle - places are limited to ensure quality of training.  Our training is all about you - the customer and student. 

What you will find is a friendly, open, ego-less environment where learning is encouraged and mistakes seen as ways to discover yourself on your way to a safer you. In the sessions, we encourage you to ask questions, to experiment, and to solve safety problems within your own capacity.  This boils down to an environment where you work at your own pace, not ours.  

We will guide, motivate and lead you [even encourage you to get where you need to be], but ultimately you control the outcome. 

We are also not just a training system that teaches Personal Protection or Martial Arts. We believe in a holistic approach to coaching you and improving the quality of your life.


Get the family members together for a day of fun-filled Personal Protection training that will keep you all together Family workshops: 



National basis - we come to you!

WHEN:  Weekends only.


Varies between R3000-R5000, excluding transportation cost.

How to book a family workshop:

Phone Roan now on 072 3255 833 to book your date, time and venue.

Frequently asked questions on the PPA system:

· How can I join?

Before you join, we encourage you to join us for a free introductory session to discuss your specific needs.

· What services does PPA offer?

1.  Articles - free to the public/corporations via intranet sites, websites, magazines, newsletters etc. - enquire from Roan directly, contact him on 072 3255 833.

2.  Group sessions for all citizens - weekly in the East Rand

3.  Workshops for corporates, law enforcement, families - on Saturdays or two evenings during the week, from 18h00-20h00 - nationally

· How difficult is it to learn the PPA System?

Initially learning the basic mechanics and application of the PPA System is easier than learning any self-defence or martial art, because the research and science of the PPA concepts are based on what the body really 'wants to do' in a violent attack, PRIOR to any training. Think about that for a moment; the nucleus of our system is already organically ingrained [hardwired] within you. Your instinctual survival system already has a built in moves and in times of sudden surprise these natural moves actually over-ride muscle-memory skills. Your natural reactions are lightning fast and non-perishable. The drills and tactics are built around this physiological research, making it extremely easy to learn.  Most people I taught understood the concept in less than 4 hours of training!


· While I have read about the PPA system on several websites, magazine and newspaper articles, I'm still a bit confused. Is it a new type of technique or the modification of something else?

All of the above! The PPA System include physical, mental/emotional and spiritual tactics which is applied to either avoid, verbally de-escalate, escape or fight your way out of a violent situation. 

It furthermore has two elemental components: first its relationship to primal/protective responses (referred to as startle/flinch response) and the adrenaline dump already hardwired into our survival system and secondly, the tactical conversions of key flinch positions with accompanying tools attacking the central nervous system of the attacker, overwhelming him regardless of size, strength, commitment and drug-inducement.


· I understand that the PPA System is based around the 'flinch response'. What is this and why is it not taught in other systems?

Any sudden surprise movement [for example an ambush attack] can cause what we refer to as the 'startle/flinch' response. Sudden movement startles the emotional controls in our brain, and causes the body's inherent protective mechanism to recoil from the danger (physiologists have termed this the instinctive, defensive withdrawal survival reflex).

This action is evident in anyone (even trained Police and Military Task Team members) and varies proportionally to their levels of awareness or preparedness. But what is most important is to note that the startle/flinch moment is natural and human, it has nothing to do with skill or lack of; it is a behavioural response, and the key to successfully defend yourself is overriding the attacker's startle to flinch mechanism.

Why its not taught in other styles is simple. Virtually all martial arts of today including most of the modern eclectic systems are based on traditional and/or conventional styles.

While many of these systems are very effective and well researched, their arsenals are generally based on complex motor movement, which is not feasible under extremely aggressive situations. Further, most training evolutions are based on traditional types of attack where training and fighting was based on ancient warfare, rituals and specific rules of engagements dictated when, where and how fights took place [known as consent]. This explains why battles became duels, duels became challenges, and challenges became competition.

This process creates consent, awareness and preparedness, therefore the combatants are able to adopt stances and create space prior to the proverbial trumpet call.  Unfortunately, none is available in a hi-jacking situation where you are staring down the barrel of a gun!

There has also always been an emphasis placed on winning with good form and using techniques from within the style. Putting this perspective puzzle together, one can appreciate why modern drills and training are still very structured.

· Is the CHAOT only a defensive tool or can it also be used offensively?

Interesting question. Actually it's not defensive at all. Its protective, and the distinction are far more reaching than 'semantics'. Firstly, 'defence' is a subordinate and a reactive position, it implies that the opponent is all over you, whereas 'protective' is neither defensive nor offensive, it implies a necessary action or pro-activeness.  Lets delve a bit deeper.

The CHAOT was discovered through the comparison between real fights and how they were executed; through scenario replications with no consent performed in real time/real speed, and the examination of performance in these situations by trained martial artists and untrained people as well. Another factor of its development were the instant reactions the CHAOT had on those it was used on, even at its development stage. The reaction was always the same, instant panic with the inherent attempts at defensive disengagement. Something occurred on a psychological level, it wasn't just the reception of pain but a complete predator to prey shift.

PPA's physical retaliation principles dictated its path. We have 5 principles of physical retaliation; they are (in no particular order)

1. Economy of motion

2. Non telegraphic movement

3. Opportunity Striking

4. Tactile sensitivity

5. Primary target acquisition.

These principles dictated that when striking, it was logical to make sure that the time frame between strikes was as short as possible in order to offer your opponent less of a chance to reflexively & defensively react to the attack. Because the startle to flinch response is a reliable physiological process that acts as an effective protective mechanism (we, PPA, utilize it in terms of a launching pad off an ambush or surprise attack), I deemed it necessary to come up with a retaliatory concept that bypassed this phenomenon.

As I researched this process and realized its validity as a defence mechanism which is not only quicker and much more reliable than any memorized technique, but also non-perishable and impossible to bypass when it overrides cognitive processing, I began to design a concept of attack that bypassed this 'involuntary' triggered response.

Real violence will more often than not begin with an attack on the mind, which triggers an emotional response. Our survival mechanism is connected to what is called the autonomic nervous system; this system controls all voluntary and involuntary functions. It is also divided into 2 systems, one being the parasympathetic nervous system and the other being the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is the one that controls our actions and thoughts in non-stressful environments.

It controls fine motor skills, cognitive processing and a host of other functions related; however when threat is perceived, the sympathetic nervous system takes over which triggers the survival mechanisms or 'fight or flight' response. The release of adrenaline by the sympathetic nervous system increases blood flow and arterial pressure causing a large amount of blood to be pumped into the larger muscles resulting in gross motor functions and applications.

The sympathetic nervous system hinders the functional use of cognitive processing, hearing, visual performance and fine motor skills. Modern scientific research and studies have shown us that under the influence of the sympathetic nervous system, only gross motor skills are performed optimally. Consequently, the ambush or immediate threat introduced quickly and with minimal or no prior warning will trigger the sympathetic nervous system. Understanding that these physiological rules preside during high stress situations, these scientific facts became the corner stone for the concept of the CHAOT.

For starters, each tool used had to be based on gross motor applications due to the very fact that the cognitive brain's overriding by the mid brain restricted access to finer motor skills found in most martial arts. Therefore the tools had to be instinctual and primal in nature but simply fine tuned in a way that allowed its delivery to be more acute then if one were to 'just go berserk'. The 'beat' in-between the delivery of each strike had to be shortened from the traditional 'half beat' to a quarter beat, meaning, and the time frame in between each tool finding its intended target was much shorter and therefore quicker then, for example, the usual jab/cross combo in boxing.

Although a real fight is arrhythmic in nature, it still functions in 'beats', a frame of time between blows/strikes. The very nature of the retraction of a tool (fist/foot/knee/elbow etc.) creates a beat as the time frame between each strike triggers the 'victim's' amygdala (a small almond shaped portion of the brain which triggers the protective/defensive flinch) to kick into action, creating a defensive reflexive response.

You see it in murder victims - defensive wounds in the hands and arms. The reason being is there was a time frame there regardless of the speed of the attack, which permitted the victim's arms to reflexively come up and instinctively protect the vitals (eyes, throat, facial area, head etc.)

This 'primal regression' to gross motor skills we speak of and a lack of cognitive processing is a choice-less choice. We cannot cognitively process this response and choose to adopt it. Much like when driving a car, if a child or a dog all of a sudden jumped 5 to 10 feet in front of your moving vehicle, you do not have time to process this information.

Your brain and body takes care of that for you, the stimulus is introduced to quickly and the startle to flinch response kicks in causing you to swerve out of the way while hitting the brakes as hard as you can hopefully missing the child and not killing them. Another example would be to place your hand on hot plate, and without thinking about it, instinctively pull your hand away. 

Only once the situation is over do we regain access to cognitive thought process and realize what just happened and we feel the sudden blood rushing into our feet, the heart palpitations and the realization that we almost killed  We cannot choose to regress to that state; it is an automatic hard-wired process.

It has been our experience that an untrained individual will pick up on the CHAOT concept and tool much quicker and with greater ease than a trained individual. The reason being is that the majority of martial art systems and styles are based on muscle memory and technical skills that are primarily launched by the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the cognitive control centre if you will.

As previously stated, we are already hard-wired to survive and martial arts in general work against this natural physiological and biological process. A gap is created between what our bodies instinctually want to do and the new information that was introduced to it through our martial training. So an untrained individual adapts to the CHAOT concept much quicker than a trained person would because there is no prior interference. A trained individual will try and use a fine motor skill delivery system for a gross motor tool; modern research shows that it simply cannot be done until the brain no longer perceives threat or imminent danger and adopts a predatory mindset.

What makes this approach so different to conventional striking or 'dirty tactics' such as the eye gouge or the throat strike etc. is that striking in general requires three integral elements to make it functional:

1. Distance

2. Grounding

3. Torque.

These three elements requires proper positioning, strength & athleticism to a certain degree, as well as clarity in the moment; a luxury, as stated above, we do not possess when facing threat and danger.

The CHAOT requires neither of these elements. It can be applied in any close quarter position, whether lying down, while falling (being taken down), at extreme close range etc. It's comprised of tools that create maximum damage with minimal effort. Its uniqueness is to be found in its delivery and the science that backs its success.

Conventional methods of attack are all so common that through the media and the martial arts, being exposed to real fights, entertainment etc., that we have come to accept and expect a certain 'way' of fighting. We are to a certain extent, de-sensitised and so our minds are somewhat 'prepared' for a certain assault, a certain beat in rhythm, etc.

Conventional methods are designed for distance tactics (kicks, punches, elbows, knees, head butts etc.); or grappling tactics (clinch, takedowns, submissions etc.) An example:  What makes a grappler/fighters in the clinch so devastating is the fact that a striker/kicker for that matter, no longer has the range, torque or grounding to make his strikes/kicks effective enough to intercept or hurt the grappler/close-in fighter. Therefore everyone figured, correctly might I add, that they needed to learn to grapple as well.

The CHAOT however works best in extreme close quarter situations, where most violent attacks take place, especially the dreaded clinch. The closer to the opponent you are the better. The CHAOT is the equalizer, or as it has been referred to by most of those who have been exposed to it including other self defence experts  "The Missing Link in Martial Arts/Self Defence Training".

The advantage of the CHAOT is that it is a concept and tool that can be used by one and all regardless of age, gender, size or athletic ability. Although this comes across as a 'marketing ploy', I assure you, it isn't.

The very nature of the CHAOT's foundation is physiological, psychological and behavioural. It is 'user friendly' and requires no memorization of techniques, no necessity of repetitive training, no need for high levels of athleticism and is in accordance with the mind and bodies physiological rules. This offers enormous value and is a tremendous asset to any teaching and training curriculum as it can only pragmatically enhance a person's survival skills.

Hundreds of people have successfully used the CHAOT to survive violent confrontations and martial artists have adopted this concept into their training curriculums.

PPA Enquiries

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