by david hughes

traditional jujitsu at its best

traditional jujitsu at its best

Birmingham Ju Jitsu Club has been in existence for 14 years. It was started after a positive response to a demonstration which was
advertised locally. From then on the club has evolved and grown steadily.

Becoming hooked on the art after a visit to a friends club, Sensei Jim Hunt - the clubs instructor has been practising Ju Jitsu for over 20 years.

His involvement in Ju Jitsu was driven by the desire to study a more traditional Martial Art after becoming disillusioned with Karate and its emphasis on competition.

Ju Jitsu has everything Sensei Hunt was looking for, locks, strikes, strangles, chokes, throws, ground work and traditional weaponry.

Sensei Hunts chief instructor is Sensei John Steadman 9th Dan, who is known and respected world wide. He is the chief ratifier of the B.J.J.A.GB and is the founder member of Ronin Yudansha Ryu, which is the style that is studied at Birmingham R.Y.R. Ju Jitsu Club

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