Arnis, Escrima, Kali - Deadly Arts of the Phillipines

ARNIS ESCRIMA KALI (The Philippines)

Arnis and Escrima are basically the same martial art as Kali, the different names signify which part of The Philippines the art comes from and some minor variations of technique.

Kali is unusual in that it teaches students stick fighting first and then open handed fighting as its open hand techniques are based on its stick fighting techniques.

Kali is therefore commonly perceived as a stick fighting style, but unarmed combat is given equal emphasis. Most of the unarmed techniques are strikes, but leg and hip techniques to off-balance or throw an opponent are also used.

The Spanish Espada y Daga was brought into Kali, and thus many schools will also teach sword and knife techniques.

Similar Styles: Kalari Payat - This Indian style teaches more weapons than Kali, but open hand, knife, stick, and sword are foremost.

Thaing (Bando) - A style from Burma (now Myanmar) in which knife fighting is emphasised but stick, sword and open hand are also taught.