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Martial Matters, Issue #026 -- Subscriber Offers
October 24, 2006
Special Offer for all you loyal subscribers

Subscriber Special Offer

I hope you enjoyed the last edition and had a look at the video clip in the link below.

This is hilarious

Back to the plot !

Here's the deal.....

We currently sell from our site 3 main products -

- Death Touch Secrets

- Street Combat Secrets

- The Lost Secret of Jujitsu

Total cost if you buy them separately...

around $60

For the next seven days if you buy 'Death Touch Secrets' I will give you the other two absolutely FREE !

Here's the catch...... Now we all know you don't get anything for nothing :-)

All I ask in return in an email letting me know whether you think these products are absolutely great or if they can be improved in any way.

To go to the 'Death Touch Secrets' page to view the product, simply click the link below....

Don't forget you'll be getting all three great products for just $27

Death Touch Secrets Info Page

Also slightly off topic but may be of interest to some of you, here are links to my other websites. Even if you don't have an interest, you may know someone who does.

These first is a 'Lean Manufacturing'website. (How to improve the efficiency of your business, lower costs and improve profitability - In laymans terms!)

Lean Manufacturing Main Site

View Details of 'Death Touch Secrets'

Be Prosperous and have a good week,

Paul Swift.

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