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Martial Matters, Issue #027 -- Build your own content
January 13, 2008

Add your own content to our website

No I didn't die, I just moved house to rainy Wales and then the server for the site went down..... But now I'm back.

I've just added some amazing new facilities to the website - and they're all free!

You can now add your own content to the website 'Facebook' style.

On the Events page, you can build your own page with details of any upcoming events that your association has going on.

You can build your own mini page for your club on the 'Club Directory' page.

And on the Video clips section and Funnies section, you can upload your very own Martial arts videos for the whole world to see just how good (Or bad) you are.

What are you waiting for? Get over to the site now and check it out.

I hope you enjoyed the last edition and had a look at the video clip in the link below.

This is hilarious

View Details of 'Death Touch Secrets' Be Prosperous and have a good week,

Paul Swift.

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