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Martial Matters, Issue #006 -- End of year update
December 24, 2003

2003 End of year update

Hello again,

Welcome to December's edition of Martial Matters.

First of all I would like to ask all of you to keep sending in details of all your martial arts events to me so that I can keep the events page updated with everything current going on in the Martial Arts world.

The latest one I have on there is a Karate course, but not just any Karate course. This one is being run by the one and only Wayne Otto OBE and is taking place in March. For more details please go to: Events page and if you have any queries fire me an e-mail.

On another subject, books. As a martial artist do you consider you have a pretty comprehensive library of martial art books?

Do you own "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" by the late, great Bruce Lee? If you don't your library is not complete. No matter what art you practice, you will learn something from this book. If not from a martial art viewpoint you will certainly learn something about yourself.

This truly is a must own for all serious martial artists, click here to see a preview JKD

On another note I would like to welcome to our Association as a senior martial arts consultant:

Professor Trevor Roberts:

8th Dan Ju Jitsu

6th Dan Shia Jitsu

Russian Master of Sport (Sombo Wrestling)

Trevor will be teaching on some of our seminars later in the year.

Here are some of the locations of some of our member clubs for those looking to do some training in the new year:

Karate: Edinburgh - Sunderland - Burnley - London

Kung Fu: Preston - Chorley - Hull - Devon

Karate Jitsu: Bolton - Warrington

Ju Jitsu: Bolton - Burnley

Kickboxing: Burnley

For all you people who run these clubs, please send me your information so that I can get your page up on the website.

May you all have a very happy holiday period and a prosperous new year.

And remember: Failure is merely a temporary setback on the road to success.

Failure is temporary, Success is permanent.

Keep your replies coming in and please let me know how I can be of help in any way.


Paul Swift.

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