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Martial Matters, Issue #013 -- Club Directory
March 17, 2005
Hello again,

Club Directory

We have just launched what we hope will become the largest Directory of Martial Arts Clubs In The World!

But... we need your help to get it there!

Simply register your club at the page below to link directly to your clubs website (Free!)....

You don't have a website?....

No Problem.... We'll build you your very own club web page on our site - No limit on content... What are you waiting for?

Register Your Club Now!

More Good News! Trevor Roberts Video Out NOW!

Myself and Trevor Roberts have finally completed the 'Applied Combat For The Street' Video.

Trevor Roberts is a greatly respected Martial Artist, reaching the Grade of 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu. Trevor has also practised what he preaches, working as a Door Supervisor for 35 years as well as plying his trade as a Bodyguard / Personal Protection Consultant, Debt Collector and Control & Restraint Instructor to 3 Police Forces.

In the words of Trevor - "If it doesn't work on the street, F**K IT OFF!"

This VCD has been put together with those comments in mind.

If you want to learn some flowery Bullsh*t that looks good in the Dojo - Go and buy something else!

However if you want to learn some of the secrets that have kept Trevor alive for the last 35 years....

Get your copy here... Street Combat - Trevor Roberts Style

Video Clips

Those who have been patient with me over the past few months will know the trouble i've had with the video clips on the site. This is now thankfully resolved and for your patience i've put 7 of the damn things up here to prove it !

Hope you enjoy them.

Warmest Regards,

Paul Swift. Video clips

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