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Martial Matters, Issue #014 -- Lost Secret Of Jujitsu
April 27, 2005
Hello again,

Lost Secret Of Jujitsu

“Discover The Lost Secret of Jujitsu !......

“American Infantry Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith - One of the first 'Westerners' to be awarded a Black Belt in Japan in 1916 reveals the Jujitsu secret of the 'Stahara'

“Captain Smith wrote this series of seven books comprising of over 60 individual lessons during his time as hand to hand combat instructor at The Infantry School, Camp Benning, Georgia 1917-1918..... Revealing the secret the Japanese had guarded for centuries!”

To see more of this long forgotten about Jujitsu set of 7 books comprised of over 60 separate lessons including photographs from the early part of the last century, click the link below.

There are also a huge number of free bonuses that come with this e-book, from a wide range of martial arts - Something for everybody.

Check it out...

Show me the 'Lost Secret of Jujitsu'... NOW!

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Video Clips

Those who have been patient with me over the past few months will know the trouble i've had with the video clips on the site. This is now thankfully resolved and for your patience i've put 7 of the damn things up here to prove it !

Hope you enjoy them.

Warmest Regards,

Paul Swift.

Video clips

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