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Martial Matters, Issue #002 -- Event update
May 20, 2003

Event Update

Greetings all,

A quick interim newsletter just to update you all of some events coming up over the next couple of months, the normal monthly newsletter will arrive at the end of the month after I return from holiday.

Sorry if that depresses some of you but I'm off to Gran Canaria on Thursday for a week of sun and relaxation so if any of you want to contact me you can only do it via my mobile, or leave an e-mail and I'll answer it when I return on the 30th.

Any way I digress, the events we have for you can be viewed at the events page at the website and they look pretty special, the Conflict management / bodyguard course will be awesome. I've been on a couple of these in the past and they never fail to surpass expectation, if you can get there, GET THERE !

One last thing, I recently did some training with a close friend of mine who had attended a course with the world famous Leon Jay (Son of Wally Jay of small circle ju-jitsu fame) and he was absolutely blown away by the stuff he learned and this is a guy who has been in martial arts for around 20 years !

Once he'd shown me some of the techniques he'd learned I was also blown away and immediately ordered the book and video of Wally Jay. This is really good stuff, no matter what art you do, you will be able to apply it.

Just search for "Wally Jay" at Amazon

If any of you have any questions please let me know how I can be of help in any way.


Paul Swift.

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