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Martial Matters, Issue #020 -- Product Survey
June 25, 2005

I Need about three minutes of your time !

In Return You get one of our products!

Our products have been selling well lately, but after some advice from some other people in the internet world I've been advised to do a survey on our pricing and perceived value of these products. They may be too high or too low - both will affect sales!

So here's where you guys come in - All you need to do is go to our site and have a look over the three products listed below...

Then answer a few questions as honestly as possible for each of the products and send these answers back to me. In return you get ONE of the products you've just looked over absolutely free!

This should take around five minutes total - if you're quick!

Here are the links to the product descriptions:

Lost Secret of Jujitsu E-book package

View Details of 'Death Touch Secrets'

Applied Street Combat Video clips

Once you've reviewed the product descriptions please answer the following questions for EACH of the products, stating which product each set of answers is for

1. How important is the product to you? rate from 1 - 7 with 1 being not important at all and 7 being very important

2. What price is TOO HIGH to buy the Product?

3. How much do you usually spend for martial arts products on the Net?

$0-10, $10-20, $20-40, Over $40

4. How unique is The Product?

1=not unique 7=very unique

5. What is a fair price for The Product?


Simply reply to this email stating product, answer number and your answers for each of the three products and state which of these three products you would like to have as a thank you from me for taking part in the survey

Be Prosperous and have a good weekend,

Paul Swift.

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