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Martial Matters, Issue #019 -- Dim Mak Death Touch
June 12, 2005
Hello again,

Dim Mak Death Touch - Are There Any Points That Are Easy To Use And Don't Require In Depth Knowledge?

How To Use Dim Mak Points In Your Martial Art....

No Matter what Martial Art you study (And we are all still students - No Matter what grade we are!), you can benefit from knowledge of the vital striking points on the body, the so called 'Death Touch' points.

It doesn't make any difference whether you are an out and out grappler or a pure Shotokan Kareteka, if you also have the knowledge of these vital points your art becomes much more effective and therefore more efficient.

Imagine you are a Groundwork fighter, entering many competitions through the year... How many more competitions are you likely to win armed with the knowledge of EXACTLY what points to use to release chokes, to gain submissions quickly or even knockouts with one strike?

The problem with this Mystical art of Dim Mak or Death Touch is that any text you buy on the subject is over complicated and requires you to learn hundreds of points and many more set up points in order to make these points effective.

From these many hundreds of points there are a few (Around 25) that are easy to access in a combat situation (Whether standing or ground combat) AND Don't require set up points AND are extremely effective. (Will cause knockout or death if struck with excessive force).

These Points have been isolated and put together in the 'Video Enabled' E-Book Manual 'Death Touch Secrets'.

So what does 'Video Enabled' E-Book Mean?

This is the format you will be able to download....

A powerpoint presentation file with full descriptions and locations of all the points..... one by one.

Full details of how to strike each of the points and what the result will be, including medical implications, full detailed diagrams of damage....

PLUS for EACH Point you get a video clip SHOWING you where the point is and how to strike it.....

PLUS for every point ANOTHER video clip SHOWING you a defense technique the point could be used in....

Click below to see a sample of one of the points along with the clips that go with this....

View Sample Page

Or To see the full details of this amazing package click the link below....

View Details of 'Death Touch Secrets'


As you may have seen on the site all who sign up for this newsletter at the moment get a free ebook called 'Secrets of The Ninja'.

But, I thought, what about all the people who are already signed up to this ezine, shouldn't they have the right to the free ebook as well?

Of course you should!

So here's the link... Just click on this and you will be taken to the site where you can download your copy absolutely free.

Hope you enjoy it.

p.s. The page is password protected, the password to get your download is: ninja9

Ninja Secrets Download page

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